Camper Bike Racks

  Camper Bike Racks Allow You To Stay Fit No Matter Where The Road Takes You.

Does the call of a vacation or even the whole lifestyle of the open road seem appealing? If you have enjoyed the camper lifestyle you already know it has so many perks and options but you also know that taking a bike for each member of the crew opens doors for seeing more of the countryside and increased health and fitness.

Bike Riding Health Tips For Your Next Camping Trip


  •      Stay hydrated. This seems so simple, yet so many people do not drink enough water. More water is needed on a daily basis but during a camping trip or while outdoor riding bikes your water needs increase. If you already feel thirsty you are already somewhat dehydrated. Enjoy more energy and more health benefits from your movement by keeping your body fueled with water all the time.


  •      Keep your bike in ship-shape. If your bike is thrown in the back of a ute or not tracked properly you will find that it is harder to maneuver. Keep your bike running smoothly with proper storage and racking while traveling. We offer camper bike racks and other types of bike racks for sale so you can enjoy smooth riding even after miles of driving.


  •      If you are camping in a new area and are unfamiliar, have a plan and tell your estimated return time to someone in case you get lost. You can clear several miles quickly on a bike and in unfamiliar terrain this may be problematic. Be sure to over-plan to keep safe.

At Camper Trailer Accessories we can make hauling your bike easier than it is now, and likely easier than you imagine it can be. Contact us to discuss your specific bike towing, hauling, or racking situation today.