Collapsible Fire Pits

  Reduce Your Footprint and Increase Safety With Our Collapsible Fire Pits.

Our collapsible fire pits are well designed and made to last. They allow you to enjoy the perks of an open fire each night by your site but greatly decrease the risk of that fire spreading anywhere else. The last thing you want is to be responsible for a fire that spreads outside of your designated area and affects the wildlife, flora, and people around. We offer collapsible fire pits that are easy to put up and easy to store at our camping accessory shop. You can use them time and time again for years and just hose them off when you are done with your fire. Our fire pits quickly become campground favorites for their ease of use and protective nature, not to mention how great they look.

The perks of collapsible fire pits include increased safety because your fire is contained around it and underneath it by a protective metal panels. These panels will keep children from running up too close and it will keep the fire from spreading, especially if you take further measures such as raking the area around the pit and not making the fire too large within it. The fire pit is also convenient to lay cooking racks upon or to prop your sausage, hot-dog or marshmellow sticks against. The uses are endless and if you come up with a new way to use our collapsible portable fire pits let us know by sharing the image on social media so others can improve their camping experience. Contact us or come in soon to browse our fire pits and ask about customization with your family name, motto, or another symbol that has meaning to you, and that you will enjoy viewing illuminated by the light of an open fire.